Returning to the Blue Sea

At this cold time of year in Canada, one can’t help but daydream of warm, sunny places, and this winter I found myself longing to return to Casa del Mar Azul on the Sea of Cortez, the fictional location of my novel, House of the Blue Sea.

And … drum roll, please …

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of a prequel to House of the Blue Sea! It’s Paul’s story, and he, in case you don’t recall, is the owner of Casa del Mar Azul, the guy who was once an actor and is an old friend of Mark Jeffery’s. So, if you’ve wondered how a British actor ended up as a Mexican hotelier (as I did) this novella will answer the question. And also take a peek into Sandra’s very first trip to Baja.

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The cover and title are still in progress, but here is a look at what I’m working on.

Read an eBook Week!

March 3-9, 2019 is “Read an eBook Week” at Smashwords! This means you can choose from hundreds of indie-published works of fiction and non-fiction for up to 100% off the regular price.

My book, House of the Blue Sea is in the 100% off category, that’s free for short, and it’s a great way to escape from the winter blues. In the words of one my readers …

“An enjoyable read by this new Author … made me feel like I really had taken a trip to Mexico!”

So, if you’re as ready for a Mexican vacation as I am but don’t have the time or money (as I don’t), download House of the Blue Sea for free until March 9! I just might curl up with a copy of it myself.

Two-Author Reading

On April 29, I’ll be sharing the podium with Turner Valley author, Holly Quan, who recently launched her novel, The Sow’s Ear Cafe. I’ll be reading from House of the Blue Sea, Holly will read from her book, there’ll be snacks and refreshments, and we’ll be surrounded by books! Come join us at Shelf Life Books in downtown Calgary on Sunday, April 29 from 2-4, and support two local authors!

Echo: The Retirement Years (Steeds … Chapter IX)

In 1990, I embarked on a grand adventure, one that would take me away from Echo and all things horse, a nine-month journey of the South Pacific—Fiji, the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia. I couldn’t afford to travel and keep a horse so Echo was leased while I was away.

The young woman who’d leased him had enjoyed every moment and was keen to have me come to watch her in what would be their final competition together before he was returned to my care. He looked fabulous—fit, shiny, and ready for the show ring. I couldn’t resist taking him for a short ride before she tacked him up and below is one of my favourite photos of the two of us, a black & white taken by my Australian friend Matthew who was visiting Canada.

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POV Interview

I was recently interviewed by Cindy DeJager of Opal Publishing and the interview was just published in October’s Point of View E-Magazine! It was fun to think back on the origins of House of the Blue Sea and it was the first time I revealed just who I had in mind when I wrote the character of Mark Jeffrey, the British film star. If you’re curious about who inspired Mark, click on the cover below. If you pictured a different actor when you read the book, I’d love to hear who it was. Send me an email!

POV_Oct16_Final cover

Echo: The Competition Years (Steeds … Chapter VIII)

After a bit of a summer break, on with the story of Echo the Wonder Horse!

Following his quarantine period, Echo was turned into a 3-acre pasture with a few other horses where he went right to work establishing himself as the alpha. This took about ten minutes. He was a confident, dominant fellow.

Echo looking back at pasture
Echo keeping an eye on his herd

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Echo the Wonder Horse (Steeds … Chapter VII)

Elkana Ranch in Bragg Creek

It was the dead of winter, 1987, and Stan the Arabian had been sold to one of the other students at Calta Stables. I wasn’t looking looking for a horse, but I had mentioned to one or two people that I might be interested in buying if the right horse came along. Hilton and Kristin Hack had been out taking a clinic in Bragg Creek in the fall at the same time the annual Elkana Ranch fox hunt was being held (a mock hunt with no actual foxes). They’d run into friends Rob and Jacquie Bishop, who were participating in the hunt, and Rob was riding a 7-year-old, black, Anglo-Arab gelding that he mentioned was for sale, for $1000, if they knew anyone looking. At the time they didn’t but a few months later, there was me, considering buying a horse. Continue reading

Fez Rebestan and the Horses Hack (Steeds … Chapter VI)

spruce meadowsWhen we last looked in on my journey with horses, I’d just rehomed my sweet, fat pony, Houdini, and moved to Alberta. Calgary … home of the Calgary Stampede, Spruce Meadows, and many more things of a horsey nature. I actually arrived in Calgary in the middle of Stampede week, an auspicious beginning to what would be a long residency. Continue reading

A Better Place

closing the door 2“Last one in close the door!”

There’s a great irony in Britain voting for Brexit largely based on concerns and fears over immigration. Through its long history, Britain has been a nation of emigrants, spreading to all corners of the globe. They may have called it colonizing or settling prior to the 20th century, but it was done in search of a better place, a better life, not so different from today’s immigrants. Continue reading

The Great Hairy Houdini! (Steeds … Chapter V)

Off to college and then to Edmonton for my first “real job”, life was filled with the distractions of young adulthood and my interest in horses placed on a back burner. After a year in Edmonton, I was homesick for BC and headed west, my 1977 Chrysler Cordoba (loved that car) filled with all of my earthly possessions. I thought my destination was Victoria on Vancouver Island, but fun intervened during a visit to my dad and I unpacked my car in a little place called Broman Lake, a stop on the side of the Yellowhead Highway between Burns Lake and Houston.

A Cordoba much like the one I owned

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