Becoming Pablo Release

The digital version of my new novella Becoming Pablo is now available! Get your free copy by subscribing to my eNews. Just fill in the form in the sidebar and I’ll send you your book. You’ll also get updates on what’s happening in this author’s world and receive offers from fellow writers.

If you’re not the subscribing type, Becoming Pablo is also available for purchase at a number of online booksellers. The paperback version will be out soon.

About Becoming Pablo

When a troubled and mysterious woman turns up at Paul Hutchings’ Baja hotel, his thoughts are thrown back to a time when his own life lay in shambles. As he observes Sandra’s struggle to find her way through an unnamed grief, he revisits the losses that threatened to break him.

Seven years earlier, after losing a career-changing acting role, the love of his life, and in middle age, his hair, Paul was set adrift until an old friend extended a lifeline, and Paul embarked on a journey which dramatically altered the course of his life. As he left his home in the UK and travelled to Australia, the United States, to Canada, and finally to Mexico, Paul’s journey evolved from running to seeking.

A prequel to the women’s fiction/romance novel House of the Blue Sea, Becoming Pablo is a story of finding one’s true self amid the rubble of a life.

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  1. Congratulations Teresa! I am looking forward to getting to know Paul and learning how he transformed into Pablo.

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