Read an eBook Week!

March 3-9, 2019 is “Read an eBook Week” at Smashwords! This means you can choose from hundreds of indie-published works of fiction and non-fiction for up to 100% off the regular price.

My book, House of the Blue Sea is in the 100% off category, that’s free for short, and it’s a great way to escape from the winter blues. In the words of one my readers …

“An enjoyable read by this new Author … made me feel like I really had taken a trip to Mexico!”

So, if you’re as ready for a Mexican vacation as I am but don’t have the time or money (as I don’t), download House of the Blue Sea for free until March 9! I just might curl up with a copy of it myself.

Two-Author Reading

On April 29, I’ll be sharing the podium with Turner Valley author, Holly Quan, who recently launched her novel, The Sow’s Ear Cafe. I’ll be reading from House of the Blue Sea, Holly will read from her book, there’ll be snacks and refreshments, and we’ll be surrounded by books! Come join us at Shelf Life Books in downtown Calgary on Sunday, April 29 from 2-4, and support two local authors!

POV Interview

I was recently interviewed by Cindy DeJager of Opal Publishing and the interview was just published in October’s Point of View E-Magazine! It was fun to think back on the origins of House of the Blue Sea and it was the first time I revealed just who I had in mind when I wrote the character of Mark Jeffrey, the British film star. If you’re curious about who inspired Mark, click on the cover below. If you pictured a different actor when you read the book, I’d love to hear who it was. Send me an email!

POV_Oct16_Final cover

Judging a Book By Its Cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. There’s some truth to this and, as a general rule, it’s good practice to not judge the worth or value of something by its outward appearance alone. But, English idiom aside, the cover of a book should match what’s inside, give you a glimpse of the story or the information contained in the pages. A good cover will draw a person to a book they’ll enjoy. A poor cover will mislead or be overlooked altogether. So, you see, for an indie author, choosing the cover art is a monumental task.

The cover has since been redesigned but mine looks like this.

I’d never heard of Garth Stein or The Art of Racing in the Rain when I spotted a copy on a table in Vernon’s Bookland, and I don’t normally buy books without some kind of recommendation, but I was irresistibly drawn to the cover (that’s Enzo with the goggles and scarf). I bought it, loved the story and the writing, laughed out loud on numerous occasions, shed some tears, and was permanently touched by Enzo’s story, all thanks to a good cover. Continue reading

Casa del Mar Azul

The plan for my novel, House of the Blue Sea, was that it be set in Spain. Problem was, I`d never been to Spain and, at the time I was starting on the initial draft, I couldn’t  see how I’d be visiting there anytime in the near future. I had a dilemma. Then, one day, driving home from another inspiring writing class with Rona Altrows, it came to me … Mexico! It had the elements I was looking for in a location: warm during Canadian winter, oceanside, exotic, Spanish-speaking, romantic, and I’d been to Mexico–twice! On top of that, it lent itself to an interesting addition to my main character’s backstory … she doesn`t fly.

Ever since she’d written a report on the Mediterranean in junior high, Sandra had wanted to visit Spain, but when she swore off flying in her early twenties, she gave up the idea of travel to Europe, unless she wanted to drive across North America and take a boat over the Atlantic.

The romance of Mexico!

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