Reviews for Cottonwood Wind

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5_Star_Rating_System_5_starsThis is a brilliant read! It pulled me in from beginning to end and held my attention. The world building is detailed and imaginative. This novel has strong, well-developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages. This is a quick read, and one I think you will find enjoyable. This novel is just a peek into what future novels will be like. I look forward to reading those as they come along!” 

5_Star_Rating_System_5_starsThis story had me with tissues in hand. When Johanna’s grandfather dies and leaves is beloved ranch to her, she is shocked and confused. She hasn’t been to the Alberta ranch in decades and thinks that her father and boyfriend are right and she should sell it. She goes to Alberta to organize the ranch and house to get ready for sale. While she is there, her memories are revived and her friends are still there. I loved the well-written descriptions of Alberta and the emotions that Johanna carries with her as she returns to her job and family in Vancouver … highly recommend.

5_Star_Rating_System_4_starsHorses, owls, horses,Vancouver and..ohhh horses!! If you grew up with the old westerns on T.V. or reading any of the many horse series from the 80s or Heartland from more recent years, this book pulls memories of each and rolls them together into this novel. A trip back in time to every girl’s dream of owning a horse growing up. Joey is “gifted” the Double R Ranch. A sweet, clean, novel of finding yourself, believing in yourself and second chances at life. Suitable for readers from 14 to 114. This novel has a complete story but also could be the starting point of a series. A cozy love story of horses, the outdoors and wide blue Alberta skies.

5_Star_Rating_System_5_starsA breath of fresh air in every way. I loved this book. Not what I would usually read but the main characters were so vivid and sympathetically drawn that I couldn’t wait to get back to it every night. The author certainly knows horses and their world. I would recommend it to anyone.”